Is Buying A Car With 100K Miles A Bad Idea?

For many, purchasing a high-mileage automobile — specifically, a vehicle with over 100k miles — may look to be a risky buy. However if you’re saving to pay cash for your next pair of wheels, then you may not have a number of different alternatives.

No, generally, purchasing a car with 100K miles isn’t a terrible thought. In reality, there are quite a few advantages to purchasing a high-mileage vehicle. By way of instance, cars with 100K miles cost less to buy, register, and cover, all while marginally slower compared to low-mileage cars.

In the remainder of this guide we’ll dive deeper to the 5 chief reasons you should think about purchasing a car with 100K miles or even longer.

Let us start.

Reduced Purchase Price
Let us be fair, the purchase price of a brand-new car has gotten to a degree that practically forces the typical American to take on debt to buy it. To put it differently, if you would like to save to get a brand-new vehicle in money, it is going to take a very long time. Too long.

That is the reason why a car with 100K miles may be quite so attractive; they are not as costly. It’s true that you may not obtain the most recent technology which is included with new cars nowadays, but you might not need that. I mean, if a vehicle can get you out of point-a into point-b without breaking your bank, or causing one to go into debt, is not that better anyhow?

Because automobiles with 100K miles or even more price less money, it is sensible to save and pay money for them . This means that you won’t have some debt, so you won’t need to pay any attention, and you’re going to have the liberty of debt-free cash-flow.

The lower cost price of a high-mileage automobile is a fantastic option in regards to your budget, plain and simple.

2. Minimal Depreciation
Were you aware that the worth of a brand-new automobile will reduce by 20% — 30 percent in its first year?

Meaning that in case you obtain a car for $40,000, 12 weeks after, it may just be worth $28,000. I really don’t know about you, but at the sphere of private finance, (and common sense), investing in something which loses $1,000 a month is a poor choice.

You would not invest in a mutual fund which loses 30 percent each year. So, why can it be okay to purchase a car that really does?

The next advantage to buying a car with over 100K miles, is the rate of depreciation is considerably slower compared to a new vehicle. By way of instance, if you purchase a 10-year old automobile with 100K miles on it to get $8,000, you might just find it depreciate a million dollars annually; perhaps even less.

Frankly, when a car reaches a specific amount of mileage, the worth will be depends upon what someone is prepared to pay for this, instead of the going rate.

(We paid money, so we could negotiate a fairly awesome thing.) Guess what, they’re selling for a bit over $7,000.

Therefore, since we chose to buy a car with over 100K miles on it, we’ve got a car which didn’t depreciate in any way. In reality, we could probably sell it for a small gain.

I guess that is another reason to purchase a high-mileage vehicle.

3. Cheaper Insurance
And using their high cost prices, came the extra hit of insurance.

It is reasonable. I meana newer car that’s worth a great deal of cash is a larger risk for an insurance provider. Thus, they must charge a monthly premium which reflects that danger.


Therefore, we’ve reduced our yearly auto insurance policy price by over $4,000.

Important Recommendation: If you are searching for auto insurance, here in Be The Budget, we recommend obtaining a free quotation from Liberty Mutual. In our experience, their prices are extremely competitive, and in the minimum, you will have a starting point from which to compare the prices and policy of additional insurance providers.

4. Reduced Registration Prices
I am aware that car registration prices differ from state to state, however in Colorado, elderly, high-mileage cars take a considerably lower enrollment price.

For example, the expense of enrollment for a brand-new car, worth $30,000 in Colorado could wind up somewhere around $600. Compare this to a vehicle worth 8,000, and the cost drops below $100.

These savings are actually beginning to accumulate. Between the reduced cost, cheaper insurance, nominal depreciation, and very low price of enrollment, I am having difficulty finding an excuse not to get a car with over 100K miles.

5. Reliability
Among the best reasons to purchase a car with 100K miles or longer, is that cars are becoming increasingly more dependable.

In reality, it’s one of the chief selling points for specific cars nowadays.

I mean, how often have you noticed that a car commercial state something such as,”the longest lasting S.U.V. on the marketplace”?

The reliability of vehicles nowadays should facilitate a great deal of your concerns in regards to buying a car with 100K miles on it.

Last Ideas
If you’re of the mindset that you would like to get a car with cash, you shouldn’t be afraid to check at cars with over 100K miles. As you may not get that new car smell, you may enjoy lots of different advantages.

High-mileage automobiles arrive with a lower price, which will let you save, pay money, and steer clear of debt.
Elderly cars with much more mileage prices at a significantly slower speed, whereas brand new automobiles will shed more than half of their value in the initial five decades. Consequently, if you would like to shield your monthly cash-flow and get the most from your earnings, a vehicle with 100K miles or may be ideal for you.
Depending on the state where you reside, the enrollment costs to get a vehicle with 100K miles or longer will likely probably be significantly under a low-mileage vehicle.
The reliability of automobiles nowadays is becoming better and better.
Or, are you contemplating buying one? We’d like to hear your ideas on buying high-mileage automobiles, so make sure you comment below.

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