$ 5000 wedding: how to do this?

But nobody had to be worried about a tight wedding budget at the fairy tales. In the actual world, many of us are faced with the desire to get a wedding, on a budget.

Is there anything? A stylish, ideal wedding on a budget, say, $5000 wedding? In summary, yes – weddings under $5000 are completely doable, even when planned in a rush.

Let’s face it $5000 is not a small quantity of money! Nevertheless, when it comes to weddings, there is a frequent belief that there is no greater justification to dash out. We concur it is a really special day, but we think you need to come out the other side with a little financial stability!

Why weddings under $5000 would be the Upcoming big thing

You’ve got children and want to be cautious with your fiscal resources while wanting a gorgeous 5 000 wedding.

  • Your fiancé just proposed during your summer holidays, you’re short on money but you want to get married as soon as possible.
  • You have kids and want to be careful with your financial resources while still wanting a beautiful 5 000 wedding.
  • You want the big event to be focused on the two of you and your love and less on pleasing all the relatives that you haven’t seen in years.
  • You are in love with authentic, traditional weddings – and are not interested in showing off.

5000 wedding

Getting your fantasy wedding on a budget should not be a problem in any way if you do not anticipate caviar and Moet champagne for your event. Make sure, planning a wedding under $5000 could be a tricky task, so to make your trip more enjoyable we’ve ready a list with everything you need to do, incremental.

Focus on quality over quantity

When planning your own wedding think about money as a crucial component and keep in mind that these 3 facets:

  • The number of attendees: Generally speaking, weddings under $5000 could have around 60 individuals, but it is safer to maintain the list someplace between 30 and 50. The great thing about using a small number of attendants is that you’ve got the freedom to pick from a larger assortment of 5 000 wedding venues: pubs, restaurants, discos – even the garden of your house.
  • A DIY strategy: Creativity and imagination are the best tools. Do not worry – if, in need, you may discover you can do things that you never thought possible even on a strict budget. I was quite skeptical regarding my drawing abilities until I was made to paint a few wedding invitations because of my sister. Following 50 wedding invitations, the outcomes were absolutely astounding. All you need is a tiny bit of patience and a few imaginative minutes. After nearly all tasks fall into only one individual’s shoulders it may take longer or much more costly. We’re attempting to prevent that. Gleefully take the help of the others.

guest list

Discuss What’s really significant to the two of you

Make a list including all the things you want for your wedding and decide upon the three expensive.

  1. The wedding dress and other attire
  2. The venue
  3. The catering and entertainment
  4. The photographer
  5. The rest…

make sure

Finding these vital things on a budget can be hard. Many of my friends – when asked why they do not step into union – insist it’s because of money concerns connected to the wedding. I clarify each and every time that the benefits of having a true yet easy event Rather than a big wedding day, for example:

  • It is a Lot Easier to plan a smaller event
  • It is more agreeable, warm, and comfy to have close friends and family with you than most Sort of acquaintances you May Not see fulfill again
  • It can be a great experience to give your talent and imagination to your wedding, by simply creating the flower blossoms or bake a few biscuits, such as
  • It is much wiser to continue into a well-defined budget rather than borrowing money from the bank Simply to flaunt; do not pay a charge card for a long time Simply to have a special one day event, no matter how significant that day.

Let’s turn to our big-ticket items.

1. The wedding dress and other attire

If you want to invest $3000 one which magnificent designer dress a wedding under $5000 is most likely not likely to take place!

If you, but you would rather have a wedding dress because of its simplicity and credibility and for light and soft fabrics, with a few wonderful jewelry to match the dress, – well we’re back on track! Read on…

Leasing a wedding dress

This may cost $300 or more but it is possible to find a gorgeous dress (and have a fiscal future!) .

You may have a look at https://www.renttherunway.com/all/occasions/bride. This website also provides the chance to lease jewelry.

cash bar

Purchasing a wedding dress out of a sizable store

Mass market stores like Macy’s will help here and often have a broad selection, across a vast selection of prices.

A fantastic friend of mine purchased her dress at Macy’s for just $200. It was easy, really pretty, and beautifully tasteful.

Wedding dress and accessories

The veil may also be an issue unless you would rather put on a gorgeous flower in your hair.

The sneakers could be hard to be found because you need them to become equally fashionable and comfy. I found several nice choices here http://www.bridalshoes.com/discount/

Your future husband could rent his lawsuit for under $250.

2.The venue

Based upon the period, the venue will demand a great deal of research. While the garden is often a fantastic idea for people on a budget, the colder months are able to make an outside event hard.

Make sure, our first suggestion would be to ask your friends and family members when they have some thoughts. Maybe this may result in a massive dining area to sponsor the wedding or a different kind of venue which wouldn’t have crossed your head if you did not mention it.

The dress is important, but flowers too

Nothing states wedding like stunning flowers. Nothing says”ka-ching” into a gentleman like a wedding. I will be playing the role of florist for the wedding with the help of flowers that I’m purchasing in bulk. You may also just search online for the majority of flowers. Order everything you want and arrange them the way you would like them to save money.

getting married

If you are not the DIY kind, do not worry, this still works for you. Simply browse from the comfort of your house and purchase everything you want.

The performance is estimated at $350, such as the flowers for your bridal bouquet as well as the bridesmaids’ bouquets, but everything depends on you. Based on what flowers you would like, the costs change.

3. The catering and amusement

Well, dear brides-to-be, fantastic food and beverage are a part of their achievement to get a wedding. The achievement of any reception event entails amusement (listening to great music and dance ) and enjoying tasty food and excellent drinks. That adds up fast.

But let’s not forget we are talking about weddings under $5000!

big day

For a day wedding, there could be no less motive to contemplate complex foods or beverages. The menu may be a tasty buffet, along with your mom as the master chef, so bringing the family’s recipes and preparing what we like. Prosecco is a fantastic selection for beverages – like champagne but more appetizing to many and less costly ) Consider the many benefits: you do not need to cover a big meal which people may not always enjoy – and possibly deal with a lot of leftovers.

4. The photographer

Wedding photography may be one of the most expensive components of a wedding day. For many people, the very first response is that this can be foolish and a”tear-off”.

Big mistake!

On the contrary, a proficient photographer can make the distinction between a bewitching, attractive record you are going to want to reassess frequently and decorating your mantelpiece, in comparison to a publication of”snapshots” that sits in a dusty cabinet.

So, how can you find a great photographer and maintain your expenses fair? Consider these choices:


Most photographers offer you quite a few photography bundles, which can offer a nutritious discount from their normal price.

Restrict the hours of policy. Many brides have the photographer in attendance for the complete length of their day, which may add up to 11 hours or even longer. This really isn’t essential. Think about hiring your photographer for an hour or 2 weeks prior to your ceremony until a few hours afterward, to guarantee the principal components of your special day are recorded.

Permit family members and guests to select their own photos online. Traditionally, the groom and bride have often bought photos for the family. Is this really required? Most guests will be comfortable browsing to choose and purchase the photo they prefer.

Other changes to save


Quit worrying about your invitations and attempt http://www.evite.com/. It is a great way to save money on which could be a fairly substantial investment. The site helps you design your own invitation online and send it to your guests. Easy, fashionable, and great price.

In case you would prefer the sophistication of conventional, paper-based invitations, there are some superb online firms that provide a massive assortment of alternatives and will then ship superbly designed products. We advocate Wedding Paper Divas, which frequently offer you great discounts in their broad selection.

Rehearsal Dinner

Think about the rehearsal dinner really discretionary once you’ve got a budget of $5000. There are definitely benefits in getting together ahead and ensuring that your wedding party is conscious of duties and time. However, there are a variety of ways to approach this and there is little actual need to invest decent money with this.

guest list

Ditch the guilt

So which may not be just a financial/cost saving one but it is still significant. That is the wedding, not anyone else. I do not care if you’re the sole kid or one. I really don’t care what your own mother-in-law wants. Make conclusions based on what you and your spouse want, and do not let anyone else pressure you. You do not like dancing — do not hire a DJ. You do not know why anyone would want a rollercoaster along with your own spouse’s initials? Me neither! If you’re grabbing yourself wondering why those things are”a necessity,” they likely are not.


If your venues permit you to pick your own caterer or food alternatives, this is sometimes a significant method to save a bit of green. Beer, instances of champagne, and vodka for bloody marys stretch a good deal further when you’re ordering instances out of a liquor store, instead of by a bar/venue.

A Few Offbeat Resources

  1. Have you seen your regional $0.99 or reduction store? There are a few really great things which you can get at the wedding. A wedding is a sort of party in the end. My regional Party City currently has a whole wedding section. Who knew? They have everything from figurines to wedding cake toppers, to really common photo booths.
  2. Have you checked our local party supply store? A wedding is a type of party after all. My local Party City now has an entire wedding section. Who knew? They have everything from centerpieces to wedding cake toppers, to really popular photo booths.
  3. If you are not thinking right, you may miss the regional office supply store. I bought card stock to print things from different menus to tags for my presents in the office supply store. They carry card inventory in colors that may suit your wedding theme. Many even today stock beautiful kits and static for things like creating your own invitations.
  4. I did cite Groupon along with other daily bargain websites, right? I’d reduced bids, but I found someone who I believed fit our ceremony finest.
  5. Check your venue for events that have taken place and ask if they have things that you are able to recycle. All they are doing is paying to have this thing tossed in the garbage anyway, so why don’t reuse someone else’s decoration items. People invest a lot of money on such stuff.
  6. Let’s not forget freecycle.com or even Craigslist.com for finding free items that someone else might be getting rid of that you can possibly use. Someone somewhere has had a wedding and have lots of stuff to get rid of.
  7. Check out your venue for events that have taken place and ask if they have items that you can recycle. All they’re doing is paying to have that stuff tossed in the trash anyway, so why not reuse someone else’s decor items. People spend a ton of money on that stuff.

Some Things I Learned

Planning a wedding can be stressful, and that I get why people take a very long time to perform this thing, but that is not me. I scheduled this item for some time once I believed there would be a lull in my own work. As soon as it’s slowed down somewhat, I am still super busy, therefore my entire planning is done at night or on weekends. I have learned that you ought to make a list of your needs haves and worry about the other things as your budget permits.

I have learned that if you are prepared to do things yourself, then you may make a small budget job big time. I saved half of the cost of seat covers by leasing them arranging to pick them up from the leasing company myself then when I went via the wedding venue. Why pay additional money for the exact same thing once I do not need to? Yes, it is simpler, but whenever you’ve got a very small budget, you need to be happy to pitch in and DIY.

I have also learned a fantastic search engine is the best friend. I need to really call this the Google wedding because I guarantee that everything out of our rings into our chair cover sellers was found on the web. Having the capability to look at prices and reviews things out to determine whether they match your budget or not has been done much quicker than needing to make a lot of phone calls. When I found something that I liked, I place it on my Pinterest board that I would constantly have access to my palms.

Finally, I have been focused on how this is all about sharing a joyful time with my nearest relatives. It is a celebration of the joining of two families rather than at the party. If you are focused on your partner and never on the celebration which will follow along with the entire procedure can be stress-free and enjoyable, whatever your budget. Here’s to years ahead of torturing each other.

Budget breakdown

For approximately 40 guests, the budget breakdown May Be like this one below:

  • Rentals: $1000 (dress, shoes, suite, tables, chairs, coffee cups + saucers, champagne glasses, plates, forks, delivery charge, and tax)
  • Food: $200 (ingredients for the homemade sweets and cake)
  • Photographer: $500
  • Drink: $250
  • Flowers: $350
  • Invitations: $200
  • A night out in the club: $1000
  • Contingency: $500

You’ll observe that we left around $1000 aside for emergencies. The estimated time to get everything done is about 2 months if you’re in a rush, but it may be more if you need to take time to find the things which work for you.


With a plan in place is vital – but inspiration is significant also. Budget Savvy Bride comes with a wonderful page, including real world weddings planned with a budget of 5000. As an instance:

Jaimie and Justin planned a stunning backyard wedding, decreasing costs through these notions as borrowing chairs and tables by a local church.

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