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Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Recap of my Investment and before that year

2013 was really an eye opener for me about investing. Although I have been investing before when I started working but not much last year. My first investment if you consider this as investment is to maintain myself free from debts. When I started working in the 90's I see to it that I pay my retirement pension which is the SSS. Paying SSS is I think the best first move in investment. In the 90's I also bought pension plans from other companies which right now I regretted. Actually I can collect those money in 2020 when I reach 50 years old. They are not big money but anyway at least I have them. I also bought a farm lot in my province which I already earning, the product are trees. It is also a very cheap land because it has no title (it is part of a public land which were squatted by farmers, it is actually a nursery for trees).

In the 2000's I bought a lot in the city which is 200 square meters. Right now the value is high, I mean it earned 50% increase which I think better than my first investments. I plan to erect a boarding house in it so that I will have a monthly source of income. Another investment which I have in the 2000's is an apartment in a subdivision but not yet fully paid. The value of the house is now also high compared when I bought it three years ago. I still pay for amortization, although it is spread in 30 years, I plan to fully paid it next year so I can use it as collateral for my new project which is the boarding house while I am still employed. 

Another investment which I focus last year is the Mutual Fund. Although I started it in 2006, I did not do my monthly investment because I don't trust the Mutual Fund before. But in 2012 I found out that the initial investment earned interest that is more than my investment. It earned more than 100%. In 2012 and 2013 I concentrated in Mutual Fund investment. I invest in balance fund and equity fund until now and I will do it diligently every month. My next target is stock market, right now I am constantly monitoring some of the best stocks in my country.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Apply for a car loan using a car's Title

I am not new to acquiring loans especially one week before my monthly salary. I did personal loans many times before because I need to pay my telephone bills, electric bells, water bills and some time tuition fees for my kids. It is really very hard to budget my monthly salary now because before both us were earning and at least we were able to stretch our monthly budget. My wife worked as a clerk in our city but she was included in manpower reduction since she is not regular but rather a casual employee. Right now we are planning to have a mini store in our house to sustain our daily our daily expenses. The problem is we could not find a bank or company lender that would lend us money without collateral. I could not use my home as collateral because I am afraid I could not pay my loan and if they will take my house we are nowhere to go. I am also using my car to take my children to school and as a service for me to go to my field works. Personal loan is very small for us to start a new business which is mini store that I mentioned earlier.

I am positive that doing business will help us in the long run rather than working eight hours a day as employee and be fired later on without any warning. Right now we decided that I should be employed and my wife will start a small business until it will be able to sustain us. Many of my friends started small but now they have their business as their source of huge income without a boss to buzz them every day of their lives. 

Last week was the turning point when I met my old college friend who is now a very successful retailer, he told me about auto title loans. Honestly I never heard before that you can apply this kind of loan without surrendering your property as collateral. In this case I can still use my car to bring my kids to school even if I will use it as collateral. This loan is very convenient; you apply for a car loan using the car title. The loan will depend of course of what your car’s value. They approve it and you can still use your car. Isn’t it convenient?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Transportation Business

My friend who worked here in Middle East resigned last month and decided to stay in our native country for good. He worked here for almost 20 years and invested his money through stock market. Right now since he has nothing to do, he decided to own a business. He did try many businesses before like restaurant, trading business and even piggery but he was not able to recover the capital. Well maybe because they were not supervised by him personally. Indeed business without your present is very risky.

He inherited his father business which is transportation. He has 150 taxis, five buses and a charter bus rental for tourist and children who want to rent it for field trips and other purposes. He told me that the ROI (return of investment) is easy to achieve because of the taxis and buses. If you have big capital the maintenance is not a problem because just in case one unit is damaged you can still earn money though other units.

Since tourism is very popular today, many tourists will rent his units and he will earn big. What is important in this business is that you should be very caring to your customers. If they like your service they will get you the next time they need your taxis or buses. Tourism is big industry today.